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Building on the Spectrum

This four-week program is designed to provide a creative environment for participants to collaborate on the various aspects of designing and constructing a building using LEGO® bricks. Through organized and facilitated teamwork, participants work together to assemble various projects with an emphasis on communication and listening skills, attention and task focus, collaborative problem-solving, sharing and turn-taking.

Price: $30 per participant for 4-week session

Friday Night Teen Socials

A monthly program where teens ages 14 to 19 with autism, who are often isolated and left out of typical Friday night activities with their peers, can hang out, sing dance, and play games. These popular Teen Nights provide both a structured program and a variety of social activities including music, dancing, karaoke, games, refreshments, and most importantly, friendships.

Price: $15 per participant

Playing on the Spectrum

AFC’s original, signature program. Each four-week session serves dozens of children with autism ages 3 to 13, as well as their siblings in their own Sibling Club. The goal is for children to exercise in a safe, appropriate environment where they can make friends, practice social skills and master basic sports skills.

Price: $50 per participant for 4-week session

Sibling Club: $10 per sibling for 4-week session

Running on the Spectrum

A six- or eight-week running program held at an outdoor track in the greater Hartford area runs on Sunday afternoons in the spring and the fall. Dozens of parents and children, including siblings, walk or run the track for an hour each week, providing excellent exercise and social opportunities for the whole family.

Price: $25 per participant for 6- or 8-week session

Young Adult Hangouts

A monthly program for individuals ages 20-29 on the autism spectrum designed to give them the opportunity to socialize and develop friendships with peers on the spectrum. Young Adult Hangouts are a fun and social evening that follows a structured plan to include preparing and cooking a light meal, social activities, and games. Much of the structure is participant-driven and planned as independence and group ownership are encouraged. As always, a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic AFC clinicians will be guiding the group of young adults through the activities! This program meets the first Friday of every month.

Price: $15 per participant