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Programs Designed for Your Child












Many children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorders face immense hurdles when participating in typical sports and activities. AFC’s programs are sensory-friendly and designed with the expertise of professional therapists.  They are created to support your child’s fine and gross motor skills, social interactions, and sports skills.  Most programs are several weeks long to create a routine and encourage meaningful participation.

Programs include:

  • Playing on the Spectrum: gym and sports recreation
  • Family Swim
  • Swimming on the Spectrum
  • Outdoor and Indoor Running Clubs
  • Teen Night Socials
  • Songs on the Spectrum

CONNECTing Families


Families need activities they can enjoy together.  Many of our programs include the whole family, like Family Swim and Running on the Spectrum.  AFC’s Playing on the Spectrum even features a concurrent siblings program to engage brothers and sisters.  This way, the family can remain a unit during weekend fun.  Our events also provide opportunities to connect with other parents and create a supportive community.

Events include:

  • Night Out at the New Britain Rock Cats
  • Annual Family Holiday Party
  • Dads’ Nights Out
  • Wings for Autism